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Additel Pressure Calibrators

Additel Pressure Calibrators

Additel's new options in the 761A line which offers greater flexibility in multi-range selection, multiple external pressure module management, and speed-to-pressure improvements. Each of our Additel 761A automatic pressure calibrators is now conveniently transportable, as well as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet enabled. All 761A calibrators now have double the battery life of previous models, so you need not worry about the premature loss of productivity. Whether you're working in the field or directly from the bench, our touchscreen-equipped, portable pressure calibrators have it all covered.

Digital Pressure Gauges
While the industries that use digital pressure test gauges have evolved, the need for durable, insightful, and highly functional equipment remains strong. Additel built their digital pressure test gauges with environmental accuracy and performance flexibility in mind. Whether you're dealing with hotter or colder ambient temperatures in your line of work, our digital pressure test gauges are entirely temperature compensated—from 14° Fahrenheit to 122° Fahrenheit (-10°C to 50°C). High-pressure measurements to low inches of water measurements are equally covered, as well as vacuum and positive pressure. Additel also offers panel mounting equipment, so you can position your pressure gauge exactly where it's needed with gauges up to 60,000 psi.
Additel Pressure Test & Calibration Pumps
Whether you regularly perform pneumatic (air) pressure adjustments or hydraulic (oil and water) pressure modifications, you can rely on our handheld and hand-operated pressure pumps. We optimize our pneumatic pumps for ambient temperature resistance, pressure consistency, and stability in producing compatible pressures. Instead of using check valves, our handheld pressure pumps use isothermal bellows chambers. This mechanism maintains temperature consistency, which improves pressure integrity. Additel's hand-operated pressure pumps utilize patented screw press functionality to achieve high levels of pressure without strenuous manual effort. Our high-end hydraulic pumps are capable of generating pressure up to 60,000 psi. 

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