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Thermistor Elements

ThermX offers the 44000 and 55000 series thermistors with high precision thermistor elements, available in customizable probes and assemblies to provide precise and reliable temperature measurement in the most demanding applications. There are epoxy-coated and glass-coated elements to choose from which can be configured to measure temperature in a variety of application media: surface, liquid, air, or block. Match any precision interchangeable thermistor with cable and sheath options to create a custom probe for your temperature measurement application.

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The 44000 Series Epoxy-Encapsulated Thermistors
Available Configurations and Specifications

44000 Thermistor

The 44000 series epoxy-encapsulated thermistors provide highly accurate and stable temperature sensing for measurement, control, indication and compensation. The tight interchangeability of the precision components allows precise measurement without calibration of circuitry to match individual components.

This series of thermistors offers two interchangeability tolerances (±0.2°C, ±0.1°C). Standard resistances from 2252 ohms to 30 Kohms at 25°C.

Choose the epoxy-encapsulated components for applications where cost, flexibility, and a wide range of resistance values are important. The 44000 Series is available in both ±0.2°C and ±0.1°C interchangeability tolerances.

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±0.2°C interchangeability tolerance - 44003, 44004, 44005, 44006, 44007, 44008, 44011, 44014, 44015, 44016, 44017
±0.1°C interchangeability tolerance - 44030, 44031, 44032, 44033, 44034, 44035, 44036, 44037

The 55000 Series GEM Thermistors
Available Configurations and Specifications

55000 GEM Thermistor

The 55000 series glass-encapsulated thermistors (GEM) use a specially formulated glass material which provides a hermetic package rugged enough for most industrial applications. The product has high-temperature capabilities up to 200°C and improved stability compared to epoxy- or plastic-encapsulated thermistors.

This series thermistors offers two interchangeability tolerances (±0.2°C, ±0.1°C). Standard resistances from 2252 ohms to 30 Kohms at 25°C.

The GEM thermistor is ideal for applications which require high stability up to 200°C and are subject to a high-moisture environment. Temperature compensation for sensitive electronic circuits such as precision clocks, communications devices, and medical and scientific instruments achieve improved results with the GEM Thermistor.

Performance Advantage
Excellent long-term stability
Broad temperature range to 200°C
Hermetically sealed in glass

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±0.2°C interchangeability tolerance - 55004, 55005, 55006, 55007, 55008, 55016, 55017
±0.1°C interchangeability tolerance - 55030, 55031, 55032, 55033, 55034, 55035, 55036, 55037

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