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About ThermX Southwest

ThermX Southwest, an industry leader in temperature measurement, has been supplying cutting-edge solutions to its customers since 1986. We provide you with products that best fit your temperature sensing needs, giving you the competitive advantage. ThermX is a one-stop supplier with a wide range of products including custom thermocouples, RTDs, thermistor probes, temperature controllers, process controls, data loggers, temperature transmitters and pressure calibrators.
If your application is unique, our engineers will work with you to develop the right product. We can manufacture to your specific design drawings or collaborate with you to develop prototypes to meet your needs.
ThermX Southwest designs, manufactures, and distributes custom and stock products for temperature measurement and control. Our products are manufactured for the biotech/pharmaceutical, aerospace, industrial and semiconductor industries, among many others. Headquartered in San Diego, we take pride in quick delivery, customer satisfaction and developing the best solutions for our customers.
Fixed Fitting Industrial Thermocouple

Industries Served

Our diverse temperature sensor product capabilities support a broad range of industries and applications. Several of our products can be applied into a variety of products or processes. Others are uniquely designed for a specific application.

We can engineer a suitable temperature sensor into the most complex thermal heating and measurement requirement. Our technical expertise and production technologies, provide our design team with the flexibility to devise the most advanced sensing solutions, in the most practical configuration, and at the best value.

In addition to manufacturing temperature sensors, ThermX Southwest also distributes pressure sensors, digital panel meters, heaters along with process control and data logging instrumentation. We also supply a wide variety of portable calibration equipment traceable to NIST.
Glass & Ceramics
Analytical Sciences
Material Sciences
Power Generation
Food & Beverage
General Industrial

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