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Cement-On Thermocouple

Custom Cement-On Thermocouple, 0.0005" thick foil wire is laminated in a fiberglass-reinforced Kapton® polymer. The 1COCA Cement-On Thermocouple is ideal for good thermal contact and fast response. The junction provides for an extremely low thermal inertia plus maximum thermal coupling to the mounting surface. Thermocouple-grade materials are used throughout the foil and lead for accuracy. This thermocouple is also available with a self-adhesive Silicone backing.

The butt-bonded junction produces thermocouples with no increase in thickness or mass at the junction.  The ultra-thin foil sensor is embedded in a paper-thin laminate of glass-reinforced, high-temperature polymer and are intended for ungrounded surface application by adhesive bonding. They are also available with PSA Silicone peel away adhesive for easy installation. Thin and flexible, they can be bonded to flat or curved surfaces.

Glass-reinforced polyimide polymer and Kapton® polyimide film outer layers make it possible to obtain a life of many thousands of hours at 500°F, hundreds of hours at 600°F, tens of hours at 700°F, and short time excursions to 800°F.

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Cement-On ThermocoupleCement-On Thermocouple 2