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12 Channel Data Logger for RTDs and Thermistors
System accuracy to ±0.03°C

Multi-Channel System Thermometer

Each channel of these 12-channel instruments
can be individually programmed to a specific sensor.

These versatile instruments can operate in any of three modes.

Free Data Logging Software

    • As a temperature monitor. This mode automatically scans and displays up to 12 channels. If a specific channel becomes critical, this critical channel can be updated more frequently than the other channels, and the temperature can be continuously displayed in a separate monitor channel area of the display.

    • As a standalone system. These instruments can monitor and store up to 200 temperature readings per channel. Maximum, minimum, and average temperatures are also stored. Data can be printed at timed intervals through a standard Centronics printer port.

    • As an intelligent front-end for a PC. These Instruments can store data and dump it to your PC on demand. In addition, the computer can store set-up parameters for a specific test and download this data to the instrument. This is a real time saver when testing with multiple test set-ups.
Model 3312A
400 Series Thermistors
(2252 Ohms @ 25ºC )
(Customs- available)

0.01° or 0.001° for temperature
0.01 to 0.5 for ohms
-5°C to +105°C
23°F to 221°F
268K to 378K
130 to 9.9k ohms
(Ranges to -50°C & +160°C available)

±0.01°C (0°C to 100°C)
±0.01% of reading +1 LSD for ohms
NIST Traceable

VuTEMPâ VI Software
Model 4312A
100 ohm Platinum RTD
(Customs available)
0.01° or 0.001° for temperature
0.001 for ohms
-189°C to +500°C
-308°F to +932°F
84K to 773K
0 to 340 ohms

±0.01°C to +200°C
±0.02°C to +500°C
±0.002% of reading or 0.003 ohms
(whichever is greater) for ohms
NIST Traceable

VuTEMPâ VI Software


VuTEMP® is a virtual instrument software for Instrulab products. This software has been designed using LabView® and can be used with RS-232 or the GPIB (IEEE 488) bus using a National Instruments IEEE card. These products operate in a Windows environment and are supplied on CD.

Instrulab is a manufacturer of highly stable, highly accurate, Platinum RTD digital temperature instrumentation. Instrulab digital temperature indicators are found in Navy, Air Force and NASA calibration labs, a multitude of major corporations, or anywhere highly accurate temperature measurement is required. Instrulab specializes in metrology grade temperature instrumentation with system uncertainties as high as ±0.004°C.

All of Instrulab’s calibration services are traceable to NIST and conform to the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90).