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CAL 3200 / CAL 9900 Temperature Controllers

CAL 3200 / CAL 9900 Temperature Controllers offer PID Control with relays and SSR drive for alarms or heat/cool operation. Both featured PID auto tune that automatically matches PID settings to the application and bright LED 4 digit display configurable in °C, °F and engineering units. Selectable inputs include 9 thermocouples, RTD/PT100 and linear process. Designed for industrial or scientific applications CAL3200 (1/32nd DIN) has an impact resistant smoked fascia with large rubberized buttons with positive feedback. The CAL 9900 is a 1/16 DIN single loop microprocessor based temperature controller with a single temperature value LED display. Inputs include 9 Thermocouples: B, E, J, K, L, N, R, S, T. and 1 PT100 RTD.

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CAL 3200

Compact 1/32nd DIN Autotune PID temperature controller

CAL 3200 Temperature Controller