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Laureate™ 4-20 mA & 0-10V
DIN Rail Transmitters

DIN Rail mounted, digitally programmable.
Exceptional accuracy at high update rates.


  • Isolated 4-20 mA or 0-10V transmitter outputs, selectable.
  • Output resolution: 0.025% of span (12 bits).
  • Output accuracy: ±0.05% of span (±0.1% for AC rms).
  • Output update rate to 50 or 60/sec.
  • Powered by 95-240V AC or optional low voltage AC or DC power.
  • Built-in isolated transducer excitation output.
  • Mountable to 35 mm DIN rail.
  • Only 22.5 mm thick.
  • Powered by AC or DC.
  • Detachable screw terminal connectors.
  • Easy setup using Laurel's PC-based Instrument Setup Software.
  • Optional dual solid state relays for alarm or control.
  • Optional custom curve linearization (Extended main board).


Laureate 4-20 mA output transmitters are housed in a DIN rail case that is only 22.5 mm (0.89") thick. Signal connections are via detachable screw terminal connectors. The transmitters duplicate the performance and extensive programmable features of their Laureate digital panel meter, counter and timer counterparts. Features include exceptional accuracy at high read rate, and optional dual solid state relays for local alarm or control.

In addition to the 4-20 mA output that would typically be used for signal transmission in an industrial environment, a 0-10V analog output is selectable. Either selection provides 12-bit (4096 step) resolution of the output span, which is ultra-linear to well within one bit. The output tracks the linearized digital reading that would be transmitted digitally. This reading can be scaled in software so that its resolution far exceeds output resolution. As a result, rated transmitter output accuracy is ±0.05% of span for all signal types, except for AC rms, where accuracy is ±0.1%.

Output isolation from signal and power grounds is provided by a separate on-board power supply, which can drive 20 mA into a 600 ohm load for 12V compliance. Output isolation eliminates problems caused by ground loops.

Laureate 4-20 mA transmitters are available with the same signal conditioners applicable to Laureate digital panel meters, counters and timers. This allows unique configurations, such as 4-20 mA transmitter versions of pulse totalizers, analog totalizers, or quadrature position meters. All transmitter configurations related to counters come with a special three-terminal screw connector for two control signals plus ground.

Transmitter programming is via a three-terminal RS-232 port using Laurel's PC-based Instrument Setup Software. This software can be downloaded from this website at no charge. The required transmitter-to-PC interface cable is available from Laurel (P/N CBL03).

General Specifications
4-20 mA Laureate Transmitters
(Click on above links for details by signal type)

Analog Output
Output Levels
Compliance, 4-20 mA
Compliance, 0-10V
Output Resolution
Output Nonlinearity
Output Accuracy
Output Isolation
Output Update Rate
4-20 mA or  0-10 Vdc (selectable).
12V ( 0-600 ohm load ).
2 mA ( 5 kOhm min load ).
0.025% of output span (12 bits).
< 0.025% of output span (< 1 LSB, ultra-linear DAC).
±0.05% of full output span (±0.1% of span for AC rms).
300V rms working, 2.3 kV rms for 1 minute.
50 or 60 per second (analog input signals).
0-2 periods + gate time + 30 ms (rate based on pulses).
Power, Electrical & Setup
Power to Transmitter
Transducer Excitation
Relay Output Option
Digital Control Signals  
Transmitter Setup
95-240V AC ±10% or 95-300V DC ±10% (standard power).
9-33V AC or 10-46V DC (low voltage power option).
Isolated 30 mA at 10V or 60 mA at 5V (selectable).
Two solid state relays rated 120 mA at 125 Vac,
or 240 mA at 150 Vdc, 20 ohms series resistance.
3-pin connector for 2 control signals (applicable to counters).
Via RS-232 from PC using Instrument Setup Software
and CBL03 cable.
Case Dimensions
Case Mounting
Electrical Connections
120 x 101 x 22.5 mm.
35 mm rail per DIN EN 50022.
Detachable screw terminal connectors.
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature.
Relative Humidity
0°C to 70°C.
-40°C to 85°C.
95% at 40°C, non-condensing.